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About Nordic NDC

Nordic NDC is a company in Consit Gruppen. Consit Gruppen is a leading supplier of IT Business Solutions and Consultant services in the areas of Financial systems, Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing solutions, and Document Management.

Nordic NDC combines the IT Business Solutions expertise of Consit Gruppen with more than 30 years of expert knowledge on corporate travel procurement, travel technology and TMC business development.

We work directly with airlines, corporate customers, travel agencies and other travel solution providers. Over the years we have built a unique knowledge base within corporate procurement workflows and travel agency operation. This unique knowledge pool positions us as one of the leading experts within NDC and corporate travel distribution in the Nordic region.

We provide consultancy to airlines, travel agencies, corporate customers and travel technology solution providers who wish to focus on NDC in the travel procurement value chain.


Nordic NDC strategic market focus

Nordic NDC is based in Denmark. Our first strategic market focus is the Northern European and Nordic region: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Nordic region is known to be an early adopter of new technology. Corporate customers are ready to engage with new distribution opportunities that will help get the best ROI for their travel spend and hence their total travel outcome.


Our goals and vision

We want to be market leader and preferred partner for travel agencies, corporate customers and NDC participating airlines in our market. NDC provides airlines with the ability to distribute new products and services (Retailing) to corporate customers, either directly from the airline websites or via new distribution portals from the travel agencies and booking service providers.

As facilitators, we aim to be the “Go to experts” or “Brain ware team” when airlines and travel agencies want to promote NDC to their corporate customers. We want to raise awareness, in the Nordic market, about the new capabilities of NDC. To do so, we will host/participate in educational seminars, customer presentation and NDC workshops.

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Please use our contact form for more information or call us on +45 70 20 20 69.