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New: Nordic NDC introduces Umbrella Faces, a leading corporate traveller profile system, to the Nordic markets, giving companies flexibility, accuracy and GDPR compliance.

Umbrella Faces is a leading corporate traveller profile system, that allows corporations to host and administer their own traveller profiles. This solution is travel agency, GDS and booking tool agnostic, meaning traveller profiles can be automatically synchronised into more than 25 different GDS, TMC or OBT systems.  

Umbrella Faces is used by major travel industry players and is recognised as one of the most sophisticated and innovative solution for hosting and administering corporate traveller profiles. Umbrella Faces is developed by Umbrella AG from Wetzikon in Switzerland. Umbrella Faces is the first solution in the Nordic markets that allows companies to host their own profiles giving companies the flexibility to choose which TMC, GDS or OBT they wish to use in each country, region or globally.

Normally corporate profiles have been administered by the travel agency partner or GDS/online booking tool provider. Nordic NDC has entered a partnership with Umbrella AG and will be an “Authorized Distribution Partner” of Umbrella in the Nordic markets.

Copenhagen/Wetzikon, 09.12.2019. There is a growing demand for accurate and fully updated profile data. This comes from the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 but also from the growing demand from airlines. Inaccurate profile data can in worst case mean, that an airline will refuse a traveller to board the plane.

For many years, corporate customers have stored their corporate traveller profiles with their travel agency, and the travel agency has been responsible for hosting and administering these profiles. Profile data have been sent to various GDS, OBT and other systems administered by the travel agency – often by manual procedures.

This model has worked for many years, but if a corporation wish to change their travel agency, new profiles must be created and new GDPR procedures must be incorporated all over again to ensure data protection compliancy. It is often a huge time-consuming task and hence costly part of changing TMC or travel agency partner.

Corporations biggest challenge is to make sure traveller profile data are accurate, relevant and correctly updated when used for booking business trips. Often traveller profile data is based on initial HR data and then updated with travel related data such as corporate travel policy information, frequent traveller card, passport and visa information etc.

With the introduction of GDPR this has become an even bigger challenge, as giving access to and sharing personal profile data requires well planned routines both internally with corporations but also with TMC and Travel agency partners.

Peter Skieller, CEO and Co-founder of Nordic NDC, says: “With this distribution agreement with Umbrella we can now offer a market leading corporate traveller profile system, that once setup within a corporation will make administration of personal profile data easier and 100% GDPR compliant. Corporate travel managers and DPOs will be able to setup internal procedures once and for all. This will give the corporation the freedom to choose the setup of TMC, Global Travel Distribution Systems and online booking tool.

The company can choose one global TMC partner, one per region or one in each country if they wish to do so. Umbrella Faces can be setup to multiple agencies, GDS and OBTs from one single platform. Once the corporation has implemented Umbrella faces and created manual or fully automated feed from the HR system, then this internal procedure doesn’t have to change every time a TMC, GDS or OBT has been added, changed or removed from the corporate travel procurement setup.

Administering corporate travel profiles is a huge task and this often is a significant part of the time spent by travel managers and doesn’t create any extra value to the company. Once setup the travel manager can focus on proactive tasks that creates value to the overall travel procurement outcome.”

Helmut Pilz, VP of Business Development of Umbrella AG adds: “We see a rise in the demand from corporate customers to get their own internal corporate profile system. With the growing number of possibilities with new online booking tools, mix of travel agencies etc, companies want to have one single solution.

We know the Nordic region is moving in this direction and with the partnership with Nordic NDC we have come a big step closer to servicing the corporate market in this region. We could not have found a partner better suited than Nordic NDC to jointly to win customers in the Northern Europe as clients will benefit from their deep knowledge about the business travel market. Our Umbrella Faces profile tool gives travel agents and corporate customers the freedom of choice, which is in a grooving demand in this rapidly changing business”

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About Nordic NDC

Nordic NDC is a company in Consit Gruppen. Consit Gruppen is a leading supplier of IT Business Solutions and Consultant services in the areas of Financial systems, Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing solutions, and Document Management.

Nordic NDC combines the IT Business Solutions expertise of Consit Gruppen with more than 30 years of expert knowledge on corporate travel procurement, travel technology and TMC business development.

We work directly with airlines, corporate customers, travel agencies and other travel solution providers. Over the years we have built a unique knowledge base within corporate procurement workflows and travel agency operation. This unique knowledge pool positions us as one of the leading experts within NDC and corporate travel distribution in the Nordic region. We provide consultancy to airlines, travel agencies, corporate customers and travel technology solution providers who wish to focus on NDC in the travel procurement value chain.


About Umbrella AG

Umbrella AG, headquartered in Wetzikon, Switzerland, specializes in synchronizing customer profiles of business travelers between booking systems. Umbrella AG also offers, a web-based mid-office software. Umbrella AG is active worldwide and has 14 employees. Umbrella AG’s customers include CTM, Amadeus, Radius, GlobalStar, Uniglobe, Clarity, Lufthansa City Center, ATG, Kuoni, TUI, ABB and many others. The Umbrella AG is a subsidiary of the MIDOCO Group since 2018.

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