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Green Fare: Lufthansa Group is first international aviation group to offer fare for CO2-neutral flying

  • New Green Fare includes full compensation of CO2 emissions
  • Test run starts in Scandinavia for flights operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines

For travelers and corporate customers who wish to fly more sustainable, Lufthansa Group has now released the Green Fares in Scandinavia. Lufthansa Group now offers CO2 Neutral flights via 80% compensation and 20% SAF. Travelers earn 20% more status and award miles. Fares are available in “economy” and “Business” class flights. These fares are only available via NDC and LHG airline websites.

Green fares are available via Symphony, the leading NDC booking tool from Aaron Group provided by Nordic NDC.




After two-three years of Covid-19 phocus, sustainability is again becoming a top-of-mind issue amongst travellers and corporate buyers. 

Many airlines like LHG use the new options via the NDC platform to promote and distribute new sustainable flights and services.

Nordic NDC follow these initiatives very closely, and we keep our customers and newsletter subscribers updated with new sustainability initiatives from the airline industry.

If you want to hear more about Green Fares or other NDC initiatives, please contact us.