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The travel industry is growing again, and agencies are getting back on their feet

Integrations and partnerships

Our integrations aim to streamline agencies in their internal workflows and handling by increasing earnings and eliminating manuals work processes. Nordic NDC is a part of Consit Gruppen and together with our in-house team of experts in e-commerce, ERP and CRM system, we solve the many technical issues in the travel industry.

We are not alone working on these solutions and together with leading back-office providers in the Nordic region, our integrations allow agencies to focus more on sales and customer service.


Our new SPRK-Atlas integration

Here in December, we officially became “Certified Technology Provider” in the Lufthansa Group NDC Partner Program.

Our new SPRK-Atlas integration allows agencies to create group bookings in Lufthansa’s “Book-a-Group”, issue tickets directly in SPRK and have all booking data sent directly to agency back-office system.

Ultimately saving up to 19 EUR pr ticket in GDS ticketing fees and avoiding manual data entry. Live cases from Mangaard Travel show more than 45 minutes reduction on a 20 pax group booking. Learn more about Atlas


On behalf of Nordic NDC and Consit Gruppen

We say thank you to all our partners and customers. Thanks to all who took their time to talk with us in this turbulent year. Thanks to all who participated in our webinars. Finally, thanks to all who helped us reach our goal – to assist travel agencies saving time and money.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

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