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Our new SPRK-Atlas integration 

In December 2022 we completed the final production tests, and we are now fully recognized as a “Certified Technology Provider” in the Lufthansa Group “NDC Partner Program”. Nordic NDC becomes the first Nordic based company on the official technology providers list. 

With Atlas, it is now possible for travel agencies to create group bookings in “Book-a-Group” from Lufthansa Group and issue tickets directly in SPRK and have all booking data sent directly to agency back-office system. This way, agencies can save up to 19 EUR per ticket in GDS ticketing fees and save much handling work, by eliminating the need for entering data manually into the back-office system.  

From our SPRK-Atlas launch partner Mangaard Travel in Denmark, we can see a reduction in manual work of more than 45 minutes on a 20-pax group booking. No need for entering names, ticket numbers, fare-information, etc. into the back-office system after ticketing in SPRK. Once the tickets have been issued in SPRK the data is sent automatically to the back-office system. The order is created, and all data entered accordingly.  

Total savings for Mangaard Travel is 20 x 19 EUR (380 EUR in GDS Ticketing fees) and 45+ minutes in internal handling time. 


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