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The global technology shift in the travel industry is well under way

The global travel industry is preparing for a world without the old EDIFACT GDS. In 2023 we have seen many global and regional airlines turning to NDC, and this will accelerate in 2024.

Systems like AARON GROUP’s “Symphony”, that are based on open source, and are no longer dependent on the old GDS PNR structures, are growing fast and will be the platforms of the future.

Many airlines will continue to remove content from EDIFACT GDS to NDC, and the year 2025 is becoming the “sunset” target year for the first airlines to be 100% converted to NDC. This is only one year from now.

For many travel agencies this is a challenge, as new technology will take over the EDIFACT GDS platforms and new systems must be implemented to secure access to the right airline content. With the shortage of qualified staff in the travel industry, and especially within the travel agencies this transition may be difficult.

Pick-and-choose and plug-and-play

In this transition phase, it is possible to start with an entry solution and then grow over time. It is possible to get started with 30+ NDC airlines within a few weeks (NDC only starter pack). And then grow the solution to include more than 150 Low Cost airlines (LCC) and Amadeus (GDS) content.

With this “all-in-one” solution, agencies will always have access to all relevant airline content, regardless of which channel the airlines will distribute their fares and offers through.

Full work-flow

By integrating our ATLAS solution, agencies will get more data than before (From NDC, LCC and GDS) directly into their back-office system, and from this optimizing their internal workflow, so time can be spent on sales and customer service rather than tedious back-office routines. Learn more about Atlas

On behalf of Nordic NDC and Consit Gruppen

We say thank you to all our partners and customers. Thanks to all who took their time to talk with us in this turbulent year. Thanks to all who participated in our webinars. Finally, thanks to all who helped us reach our goal – to assist travel agencies saving time and money.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

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