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Article from "Businesstravelnews" confirming the current travel IT situation

As a follow up to our webinar, I hereby send you this article from Businesstravelnews, where Amon Cohen interviews a number of industry players about the current IT transistion phase the travel industry is going through. See link to article below.

This confirms our messages from our webinar on Friday 16th June:

"The race for One-stop-shopping (OSS) 3.0 is on".

The OSS 3.0 is the "open-source" platform, where customers can get the airline sources they like (GDS, LCC, NDC) with no limitations from the TMC or GDS.

OSS version 2.1 is the version the current TMC/GDS are working on, and they will never get to version 3.0. Corporate customers are getting more and more frustrated, because the promised TMC/GDS solutions will not meet the standards for the future.

This was confirmed on our webinar last Friday and on the DBTA meeting in Copenhagen Thursday 15th June. Corporate customers must focus on 3.0 solutions from industry providers, who are ready now.

Read the article from Businesstravelnews


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