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This is a reminder about the newsletter sent from Finnair in March 2023. Here they updated the agencies about the changes in their distribution of fares. 

From first of May the “Classic” fares disappeared from the Amadeus Edifact channel. This means, that if your agency doesn’t have access to NDC, then you will not be able to find and sell these fares to your customers.

Source: Finnair “News for agencies” Read more here

As a “proof-of-concept” we here show the difference in fares available via NDC and Amadeus Edifact. In Amadeus only the “Flex” fares are available. This means that you cannot offer your customers the best available prices (Light and Classic). That is not good for business. Please see the examples below, found via “Symphony Hub”:

AY “Classic” fare via NDC including luggage:

Cheapest AY “FLEX” fare via Amadeus/Edifact including luggage:

Source: “Symphony HUB” – 08 May 2023 - Booking tool connected to NDC and Amadeus via Finnish travel agency

For more NDC/GDS price examples and our ROI model for how much your agency can earn from booking NDC fares, please see here.

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As an IATA licensed agency, you can get started with Symphony Hub already in May and will have access to Finnair NDC fares and many other airlines right away. Settlement via your standard BSP agreement.
If you use Winres back-office from Comgate we can also connect you directly from Symphony Hub into Winres via our Atlas solution, for easy invoicing and settlement.

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