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NDC for agencies

Get started with NDC now and connect Nordic NDC’s Data Hub Atlas for full end-to-end data flow!

At Nordic NDC we are experts on TMC workflow and aware of the demand for data to flow directly and easily from front office tools into back office systems used for post booking services, invoicing and settlements.

Get easy access to NDC content, full data integration and provide better service to your customers.




World leading NDC booking tool “Symphony” from Aaron Group

Symphony gives you direct access to currently:

  • More than 30 NDC airlines, e.g. Finnair, British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, Lufthansa Group, Airfrance, KLM, Qatar, United, American and Emirates, and SAS to join soon 
  • Direct access to 150+ LCC airlines (E.g. Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizzair)
  • GDS (Amadeus)

With the ability to search, book, issue tickets from one single view. No need to jump from one airline website to another to find the products you need. Symphony gives you an end-to-end booking flow of a few minutes and an increased way to make a solid “time spent/booking margin”.

As an agency, you can get started with Symphony within a few weeks. Configuration is modular, so you can select the initial Symphony Hub – Basic, that gives you access to all 20+ NDC airlines within a few weeks. Then you can add on to this solution with access to 100+ Low Cost Carriers (Symphony Hub Standard) and You can look, book, change, issue tickets, void and refund depending on ticket type and fare rules. You can see NDC content from many airlines together with regular GDS content for fare comparison, booking options etc. so you can offer the best service to your customers at point of sale. See more about “Symphony” here.

To avoid disruption in you daily operation booking data can be sent directly to your agency’s back office system. This way order handling, invoicing, credit card and BSP settlement etc. follow the daily routines.
Our NDC product Atlas, makes it possible to do a direct integration between the NDC booking platform, and the agency’s back office system. Read more about Atlas here.


Unique data flow setup via Nordic NDC’s Data Hub “Atlas”

Nordic NDC offer two different types of integration: instant or full.

Instant NDC integration

If you chose to work with instant NDC integration, then the agency can receive structured data, which can be transferred directly to the agency’s GDS system as remark segments.

From here it is sent to the back office system for invoicing and other post booking services like reporting, traveler tracking etc.

“Remark segments” input is a commonly used method by agencies, and is typically used when they make Non-GDS reservations e.g. hotel, train, transfer ect. Instant integration can be implemented in a few days.

Full NDC integration to back-office via ATLAS

A full NDC integration is directly integrated into the agency’s back office system via Nordic NDC’s unique data hub “Atlas”. Atlas transforms the booking data from Symphony and to the format used by the agency’s back-office system. This way you can avoid all manual steps in the process. Full end-to-end data flow secures easy handling and correct collection of data for invoicing, settlement of tickets etc.

If your agency does not work with one of the back-office partners currently connected to Atlas, a new integration will take approx. 4 – 6 weeks to establish.

How to get started

We will help you demystify the implementation process of NDC:

  • Meet with TMC/Agency management team to talk about “best case” opportunities
  • Propose NDC solution and agency end-to-end work-flow model, based on your local requirements and needs
  • Overall project management and system implementation, training and kick-off
  • Assist agency to get the right NDC agreements, credentials and information from each participating airline
  • NDC BSP settlement, credit card reporting and back office adjustments if needed

This is what you get with NDC

  • Quick access to NDC prices and content
  • Can get “fist mover competitive advantage”. Be the first to offer NDC in your local market and grow by promoting new products and services
  • Savings on current distribution costs
  • Better commission deals with NDC airlines
  • Rich content and retailing offers for cross sell opportunities and enhanced service options
  • Real time prices
  • True price/product comparison


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