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Get closer to your customers

NDC for airlines

Get closer to your customers with NDC distribution. Let us help you optimize your value chain.
We are your NDC partner.

By working closely together with Nordic NDC, airlines can jump start their way into the corporate market in the Nordic region. We can help you understand the current market, and what are the demands from the travel buyers and corporate clients.

Via the IATA website, airlines can get access to a number of training courses targeting NDC.
See more here: IATA training. We recommend, that you have a look at these courses.

When you work together with Nordic NDC you will be part of an NDC community, where NDC is discussed and evaluated based on the current market situation and input form the corporate customers. This is NDC “between the lines”.

You will have access to our NDC knowledge bank and your local airline representatives don’t have to spent a lot of time getting up to speed on what is hot and what is not regarding NDC.

We are already working closely with airline sales teams, where we exchange news, ideas and suggestions on how to get started with NDC.

Together with our partner agencies and corporate customers we have an open dialog about what is needed in the Nordic region and you as an airline is more than welcome to join.

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