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New technology allows companies to save a lot of money on the purchase of airline tickets in the future.

Mangaard Travel launches Denmark’s first fully integrated booking system, which supports the new airline tickets via NDC, via Aaron Group’s NDC booking tool “Symphony” and Nordic NDC’s data hub “ATLAS”.

As the first business travel agency in Denmark, Mangaard Travel can offer its customers direct access to the airline industry’s new type of airline tickets via NDC.

NDC is a new way for airlines to distribute new type of airline tickets. NDC provides access to better prices, attractive rules and the opportunity to purchase many new types of additional products, such as luggage, seat reservation, lounge access at cheaper prices. Additional services such as changes and cancellations are also becoming more flexible and cheaper than before. This will give companies huge savings in the future.

“Airline tickets via NDC are much cheaper to distribute for the airlines, as a new technology is used that opens up for modern “retailing” just as we have learned from the Internet. It also allows more different types of prices that adapt to supply and demand”, says Hans Mangaard, Director, Mangaard Travel.

The launch takes place in collaboration with Nordic NDC, which supplies the booking system “Symphony” from the Czech Aaron Group. Symphony is one of the world’s most advanced flight booking systems.

The travel agency and the customers have via the associated company online booking tool direct access to the traditional tickets through NDC, Low Cost Carriers (LCC) and GDS (Amadeus) in one and the same system. It allows customers to quickly find exactly the airline tickets that suit them best.


Full end-to-end dataflow with Nordic NDC’s data hub “Atlas”

“The system also allows you to combine e.g. NDC tickets with low-cost tickets, without having to go out and book on various airlines’ websites”, explains director Peter Skieller from Nordic NDC. “This saves time, and thus money for the companies. We have also, via Nordic NDC’s data hub “Atlas” ensured the data integration between Symphony and Mangaard Travel’s back-office system from TravelOperation. This means that all reservations in Symphony are directly created as an order and ready for invoicing. In other words, there has also been an optimization in the handling of the tickets, which means that customers will experience better and faster service at a cheaper price.”

“The timing of the launch is perfect, now that various vaccines are emerging, and we are soon able to start to look more clearly at the possibilities of traveling again”, says Hans Mangaard. “Many airlines have used the Corona crisis to optimize their ticketing program through NDC, and we are already seeing many airlines starting to announce more and more about deals offered only through NDC”.

“The best thing companies can do in the near future is to look at what their future travel program will look like, and then start planning how they will access the best prices and opportunities in the future. We believe in the future. You just have to dare thinking out-of-the-box and look at the new solutions that the business travel market offers”, Hans Mangaard concludes.


7th of December, 2020

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