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Spend your travel budget smarter

NDC for corporates – flexibility is key

Spend your travel budget smarter. Get cost efficient travel procurement with NDC. Get started now!

Nordic NDC is the GSA (General Sales Agent) in the Nordic and Baltic regions of the leading NDC booking platform from Aaron Group called “Symphony”. This means that we can offer corporations to quickly get started with booking airline tickets via NDC.

World leading Corporate Online Booking Tool (OBT)

With access to more than 20 airlines via NDC, 1,100 traditional carriers via GDS (Amadeus) and over 140 Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Symphony Corporate is the most advanced Corporate OBT for airline tickets. (More airline content than Cytric, KDS Neo, Concur and GetThere). Symphony Corporate can help you bring your employees to literally any corner of the world. Thanks to sophisticated filtering options you can easily narrow your search by preferred departure, arrival and transfer times, or perhaps a particular airline or airline alliance. Reflecting your travel policy, easy to understand icons will show you whether the particular offer sits within our outside the travel policy. Likewise, a dedicated icon will inform your staff about a corporate fare or corporate loyalty scheme membership – so you’re not missing any rewards.

Symphony Corporate OBT can support multiple TMCs and global locations. You can use Symphony corporate in all your countries and locations via one global TMC or a mix of local BTAs (Business Travel Agencies). All controlled with global policies, profile system, approval processes, global and local airline agreements etc. A truly multi functional OBT for the future.

We offer corporations to set up NDC via your current travel agency or if the agency is not yet NDC ready, to use one of our agency partners. The agency can issue tickets until your current travel agency is ready for NDC. This way you can take advantage of NDC right away.

Don’t miss out on MIS reports, travel statistics and other current services

Via Nordic NDC’s data hub “Atlas” we can route the data anywhere you like. To you, to your global TMC for MIS consolidation, expense reporting or traveler tracking or to other 3rd party CSR service providers you may use.

To ensure your post booking services with your current travel agency stays the same, we can send the Symphony Corporate booking data directly from our unique data-exchange platform “Atlas” to your preferred partner. It is your data, you decide what you want to do with them.

You also can still use your current corporate travel account agreement even though you use another travel agency. The NDC bookings will be charged to the same travel account number or a new sub-number and then consolidated on the same statement as today. This way there are no changes in the payment and travel expense management workflow.

The solutions are flexible and can be based on your corporation’s wishes and requirements.
If you want to use another NDC booking platform, we can also integrate this into Atlas and ensure that your travel agency work flow stay intact.

This is what you get with Symphony/Atlas

  • Most advanced airline OBT (Most NDC, LCC and GDS airlines)
  • Negotiate better deals
  • Greater visibility of costs
  • Cost saving
  • Access to ”designer” travel vendor fares (savings)
  • Access to wider product ranges from travel vendors (quality)
  • Savings in the internal procurement workflows (optimize)
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • True price/product comparison


NDC FAQ for corporate customers

During the last 2-3 years many things have been written and said about NDC.
Some people are looking forward to NDC and some are talking against NDC. What is what?

A lot of questions have been asked, but not all have been answered. We believe in an open dialog, as this is the best way to make things happen.

We will answer a few NDC questions below:

Q: When will NDC be available in the Nordic and Baltic markets?
A: NDC solutions are available now!

Q: Is it true, that some airline fares are only available via NDC?
A: Yes! Companies will be missing out on savings until they get access to NDC.

Q: How can our company get online access to NDC?
A: Contact your travel agency for access now or contact us directly.

Q: We have departments in many countries. Can we use same system in many areas?
A: Yes, it can be used in each of you countries via one single TMC or via multiple local agencies. You decide the model that fits your company best.

Q: We have corporate fares. Can we use them via NDC?
A: Yes, and many new options will be available via NDC.

Q: Will we have access to other fares than NDC fares?
A: Yes, you will have access to fares from NDC, Low Cost Carriers and GDS (Amadeus) in one single view

Q: We have a lot of extra services with our travel agency based on booking data.
Will NDC will create a lot of changes in our setup?
A: No. We can send NDC booking data directly to your preferred travel agency’s back office system, so all services will remain the same. It is your data. You decide what to do with it.

Q: We have a corporate travel account. If we start to book with NDC, will we get different credit card statements, and will data be sent correctly to our expense management system?
A: You can use your current travel account number or get a “sub-number” for your NDC bookings. All bookings will be settled on the same statement and data sent to your expense management system as usual.

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