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AARON GROUP is our strategic partner and is the provider of the world leading multi source booking tool "Symphony".

With access to more than 20 airlines via NDC, 1,100 traditional carriers via GDS (Amadeus) and over 140 Low Cost Carriers (LCC), Symphony is the most advanced airline booking tool available.

Having added the NDC on top of the existing GDS and LCC content within its Symphony platforms back in 2017, AARON GROUP was one of the early and most active NDC adopters. These days AARON GROUP offers one of the richest NDC content from all the aggregators world wide. By combining the NDC, GDS and LCC content within a single application, AARON GROUP customers benefit from having access to the best air content available. Through its four different Symphony platform types, AARON GROUP can offer solution to any agency type - online b2c solution for OTAs, online b2b solution for TMCs/ Corporate accounts, agency selling platform for Offline agencies and Symphony.API for those agencies that have built their own solution and seek to get the best content quickly and easily.

Agency booking and administration tool

Get offers of all the available NDC airlines on a single screen, including a full description of fare rules, baggage allowances, package features & more. The NDC offers can be enriched by LCC offers or GDS offers for those carriers not offering NDC content yet.

If the customer wants to travel no longer, you can void, cancel or refund the booking at a single click – with no hassle about checking the rules or facing a risk of ADM as Symphony.Hub will do all of this for you.

Book extra bags, seats, meals, WiFi & more (often available through NDC only) when booking the initial ticket, or add those to an existing booking later on. So you can offer you customers a fully customized content and experience.

Change the existing booking at a single click with a calm of mind whilst Symphony.Hub will keep its eye on all the fare rules for you, so there’s no risk of ADMs for your agency anymore.

Corporate Online Booking Tool (OBT)

As a corporate customer, corporate customers will get access to more than 20 airlines via NDC, 1,100 traditional carriers via GDS (Amadeus) and over 140 Low Cost Carriers (LCC). Symphony Corporate is the most advanced Corporate OBT for airline tickets. (More airline content than Cytric, KDS Neo, Concur and GetThere). Symphony Corporate can help you bring your employees to literally any corner of the world. Thanks to sophisticated filtering options you can easily narrow your search by preferred departure, arrival and transfer times, or perhaps a particular airline or airline alliance. Reflecting your travel policy, easy to understand icons will show you whether the particular offer sits within our outside the travel policy. Likewise, a dedicated icon will inform your staff about a corporate fare or corporate loyalty scheme membership – so you’re not missing any rewards.

Symphony Corporate OBT can support multiple TMCs and global locations. You can use Symphony corporate in all your countries and locations via one global TMC or a mix of local BTAs (Business Travel Agencies). All controlled with global policies, profile system, approval processes, global and local airline agreements etc. A truly multi functional OBT for the future.

Public booking and retailing portal

Symphony Travel is a "public booking portal", that agencies can implement on their website. This booking engine is a user friendly, yet extremely sophisticated platform to help you to maximise your market opportunities. It comes with a variable selection of add-ons to fully meet your business needs.

With live availability links and access to both, traditional airlines (via NDC and GDS) and direct access to LCCs, this core module allows your customers to book tickets in a very intuitive environment. Some of the key features include: Availability calendars, use of multiple points of sale or even different fare combinations to find the lowest price available or perhaps offer of fare families, so your customers get the same choice and experience as when booking directly with the airline. That’s why we help to generate our customers hundreds of millions $ every year.

Add-on services

With the trend of airlines axing the services included in the basic fare and offering each customer the individual travel experience through ancillaries, this module allows you to do even more. Aside of accessing and the airlines content you can enrich your offerings by plugging-in other external content providers, or even defined your own content. This gives you the value of a customised service provider.

Symphony.API is an option for those agencies that have built their own solution and seek to get the best content quickly and easily.

  • REST/JSON (air content in IATA standard structure)
  • NDC, GDS, LCC & Ancillary Products
  • Rich media support
  • Back-office integration support via Nordic NDC's data hub "Atlas"

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