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See the differences between the lowest Finnair fares in NDC and Amadeus Edifact (GDS) 

Here we show you some examples of the lowest available Finnair fares on selected destinations on random selected dates. The fares are found in NDC and GDS (Amadeus Edifact) on May 09th 2023.

Below, please also find our ROI model, that shows you how few NDC tickets you shall book every month, in order to cover the system costs for Symphony Hub. The leading NDC booking tool for travel agents.


Example 1
Helsinki - Oulu R/T. NDC vs. GDS - Difference = 70,40 EUR


Example 2
Helsinki - Copenhagen R/T.
NDC vs. GDS - Difference = 64,00 EUR

Example 3
Helsinki - Frankfurt R/T. 
NDC vs. GDS - Difference = 24,00 EUR


Symphony Hub monthly cost ROI Model

The old saying that goes; "Don't work harder - work smarter", is very relevant here.

Based on the examples above, this model shows, that your agency only has to make 5 bookings per month in order to pay for the monthly costs for Symphony Hub.

If you make more than 25 bookings per month, your agency will earn more than 1000 EUR in extra profit, from selling the same type of tickets, that you are used to.

And this is just based on a number of Finnair bookings. Via Symphony Hub you get access to more than 30+ NDC airlines. Including Lufthansa Group, BA, IB, LO and many more airlines that are available now. 


(*) Symphony Hub - System information:

Access to 30+ NDC airlines, 150+ Low cost carriers and Amadeus GDS - (Amadeus NDC-X has 6-7 airlines depending on country)
Example of additional features in Symphony Hub: (Not available in Amadeus NDC-X):
Tickets on Hold - Possible to delay ticketing according to ticket-rules - Automatic TAX ROI calculation (Instant ticketing not needed)
Void, Cancel and refund of NDC tickets - Automatic settlement via BSP
FOP - Cash, Invoice, CC, Corporate Lodge Accounts
Name change and passenger contact details change after ticketing (Automatic re-issue of ticket)
Date and routing change of ticket (Automatic price diff. Calculation and re-issue of ticket)
Split PNR for all pax in PNR

Symphony Hub can be linked to additional modules:

Symphony Corporate - Corporate Online Booking Tool (OBT) with shared access to all NDC, LCC and GDS content
Symphony Travel - B2C Online Travel Agency Tool (OTA) with shared access to all NDC, LCC and GDS content
Nordic NDC ATLAS - Data integration directly into agency back-office system for all ticket types (NDC, LCC, GDS)

Further more, with Nordic NDC's Atlas data hub, we can make sure, that all booking data from Symphony Hub are sent directly into your back-office system for fast and easy invoicing and settlement. Read more about Atlas here.

For more information send us an e-mail on and we can arrange a demonstration of Symphony Hub for you and your collegues.